• /var/lib/pulp is shared from Pulp 2 machine
  • access to Pulp 2 database


On Pulp 2 machine

1. Make sure MongoDB listens on the IP address accesible outside, it should be configured as one of the bindIP``s in ``/etc/mongod.conf.

  1. Make sure /var/lib/pulp is on a shared filesystem.

On Pulp 3 machine

  1. Mount /var/lib/pulp to your Pulp 3 storage location. By default, it’s /var/lib/pulp.

2. Configure your connection to MongoDB in your settings, /etc/pulp/ You can use the same configuration as you have in Pulp 2 (only seeds might need to be different, it depends on your setup). By default it’s configured to connect to localhost:27017.


    'name': 'pulp_database',
    'seeds': '<your MongoDB bindIP>:27017',
    'username': '',
    'password': '',
    'replica_set': '',
    'ssl': False,
    'ssl_keyfile': '',
    'ssl_certfile': '',
    'verify_ssl': True,
    'ca_path': '/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt',